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Mock Trial

So today we went and saw a mock trial it was about a woman who was killed and her husband was on trial for first degree murder.  in the tail they used photographs  as evidence . the picture where of the woman showing mostly how big she was( she was a massive body builder) she was apparently an abusive drunk and he had battered spouse syndrome and PTSD. Long Story Short He was found not guilty.

The prosecution messed up with the time line showing pictures of the murdered lady only when she was really buff which made a huge impact on the jury. the jury saw the images of the extremely buff woman and well, I would have been afraid too. the thing though the defense conveniently left out pictures of her present day where she look very normal. if anything that is can be considered normal.

The defense did a great job making him look like a victim which I believed he was. Whether she was a smaller lady during the end of her life and not a super buff bodybuilder she was a alcoholic. I’ve spent the whole of my life in the company of alcoholic big or little when someones drunk the can be abusive strong and have 0% logic in there thinking patterns.

So all in all missing evidence and   mucked up prosecution statements aside the evidence(the photographic evidence especially) swayed the jury.If the prosecution had submitted more evidence i think the case could have gone an entirely different direction. This was really a good reflection on today’s justice system. with the manipulation of evidence and the forgetting of evidence and the jury’s lack of knowledge.

How Photography Has Impacted History

Photography has made an important impact in history and has forever change the way we view the world. Example such as the breaker boys Lewis Hine went places such as factories and coal mines to show others how children were being forced to work in horrible conditions only to have the money they earn to go to the parents. Hine went and showed them to people who where wealth and had influence to try to get them to imagine their own children or themselves in that situation.

Dorothea Lange use photography to show how different people were affected  by the great depression. in her photograph migrant mother shows 37 year old Florence Owens Thompson and two of her children. this photograph was taken right after the family sole there tent. Showing just how poor this family was.


Breaker Boys by Lewis Hine


Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange



1. What is the central idea of your concentration? (500 characters maximum)
The central idea of my concentration is the visual expression of reversed roles between animals and humans. I explore situations that are commonly found between animals and humans and I have reversed the roles to evoke feelings in the observer. It causes the observer to reevaluate the common situations that are found social acceptable and it forces them to see these situation in a new way. Throughout my work, I utilized texture, and dark values to control mood.

2. How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? You may refer to specific images as examples. When referencing specific images, please indicate the image numbers. (1350 characters maximum)

In the works that I have done I exploit ordinary situations that would be overlooked by society and reverse the roles to force the viewer to see it from the animals perspective. If the roles were reversed it would force humanity to see the negative connotation that should come along with the things we do with animals whether being abusing, testing, or demeaning them. I have expressed in work 11 that we should not use animals for test subjects for our advancement and in work 8 I have shown that we shouldn’t abuse animals for our own amusement and these works bring about change in society


Personal Criteria Used to Judge Art

1. Technical skills

2. Composition

3. Content matter

4. Artistic processes used

5. Aesthetics


Based on personal criteria for judging art, this work is successful because of its…

Excellent use of colour

Use of contrast

wonderfull rule of third composition

the at the time new technique of oil painting used.

Just overall beautiful Piece.